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What can Aident do for you as an entrepreneur?

Aident is smart software that helps you work differently and, above all, more efficiently. Whether you are a professional, service provider or trader, Aident knows what you need:

  • From quotation to invoice in a few clicks
  • Management of customers, suppliers and contacts
  • Meticulous performance recording
  • Approve quotations and work orders digitally
  • Organise your products
  • Real-time tracing of your stock
  • Clear dashboard with all operating results
  • Direct connection with your accountant

Aident users gain an average of 2 days per month by working differently.

You are not alone

You don't work digitally yet? We provide personal guidance and training so that you can get the most out of our software.

Do you already have a package? We also support you in transferring your data.

We contact your accountant directly to ensure a seamless link with the accounting package.

Are you the entrepreneur who will work differently from today onwards?

Experience for yourself how easy digital administration can be. You get 30 days of free access to all features of Aident without any obligation.

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